WordPress 2.2 “Released”

And I use the word “released” very loosely. Yes, I just upgraded my blog to use WordPress 2.2 after this guy made it sound delicious. No, I don’t regret it, but I do think it would be best to wait for a bugfix. I shall start with the positives:

– It’s optimized a bit more to help your site load faster. This may or may not be noticeable to you, but it probably is to your webhost

– It’s harder to break your site by enabling a botched plugin. I tried to enable Staticized-Reloaded and I got what I interpret as the “WordPress Screen of Death”:

Wordpress Plugin Error

This is also a shame because this happens to be one bad-ass plugin.

Now for the bad, which outweighs the good:

– Don’t be surprised if your plugin database disappears. From some odd reason, WordPress could only find it after I created a new plugins folder and copied over my plugin files again….and yes, I had to re-enable all 30 of them.

– WP-Cache no longer works (at the time of this writing), and you’ll find that enabling it will cause some strange behavior on your blog. Oddly enough it also caused my plugin database to be erased yet again

– TinyMCE (the WYSIWYG editor) malfunctions, esp. in Firefox when trying to use certain functions.

– You may need to tweak your theme a bit. I had to make several code modifications to my sidebar and header files.

– Your boobs might shrink in size. Oops, wait…that’s what happens when you stop taking birth control.

Anywho, those of you who are thinking on upgrading, be prepared to spend a few minutes messing with your site and testing your plugins and such. It may be a good idea to wait for a bugfix, which by WordPress history will probably be out within the next few days.

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