Listing IP Addresses of a Server

I hate using the jarbled output of ifconfig to find out what ip addresses are active on a server, so using this complex command will list all the IP addresses of the server in a nice little list:

ifconfig | grep 'inet addr:'| grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'

I specifically use this command for a VPS setup script that I was working on to automatically input the correct server IP into the httpd.conf and named entries on cloned systems, so I don’t have to do it manually. To do this you would just assign the command as a variable, then call that variable with the replace command:

IP=`ifconfig | grep 'inet addr:'| grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'`
cat httpd.conf |replace 123.456.789.123 $IP --httpd.conf

If you want to incorporate this into a PHP script, you just need to use the system() function, assuming your host allows it:

<?php system("ifconfig | grep 'inet addr:'| grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'"); ?>

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