b2Evolution SMTP Patch

Update (4/21/09) – This plugin is obsolete and is probably never going to be updated…use at your own risk!

I was debating whether or not to publish this since I wrote it mainly to target our customers, but I figured it might help someone who needs it.

Many hosting companies block PHP mail coming from the user ‘nobody’, which is a default if your host runs PHP as an Apache module. At the time of my writing, b2evolution does not support STMP, so I created a simple patch that will allow you to use phpMailer to send mail through SMTP instead of the send_mail() function that b2 uses.

Download b2evo_phpMailer-1.03.tar.gz (76k)


  • b2evolution 1.9.x or higher (tested with 1.9.3, but may work with other versions)
  • php 4.3.1 or higher (required by b2)
  • Valid SMTP server


The instructions are specifically outlined in the readme.txt file within the archive, but it’s basically as simple as:

  1. Edit the ‘settings.php’ file in htsrv/phpmailer
  2. Upload the patched files to their corresponding locations on your webserver

And yea…that’s it.


– This script was tested on a Linux platform running on cPanel, so the actual email setting and port numbers could be different on your server. If you are unsure about this, please ask your host.

– phpMailer does not explicity support SSL or TLS connections yet, so neither does this patch. You can essentially connect through any port as long as 1) your server runs SMTP on it and 2) it doesn’t require SSL or TLS.

I am not affiliated with b2evolution, so please do not contact me with questions about the software that do not pertain to the usage of this patch. This patch was mainly written to make b2evolution functional on some of our servers that block php mailing, and is not meant to be a major project. That being said, if you’re having difficulty getting my patch to work with your installation I would love to know about it, but please do not make your expectations too high. I have a life too =)

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