Capone Goes to See Santa

A lot of my friends have kids, so this year when they all wanted to go to Lynnhaven Mall to get their kids some pictures with Santa I felt a little left out. I really have no desire to ever have kids, nevertheless to take them to see some creepy old man who likes to have little kids sitting on his lap all the time. But since we were going anyways and I decided to take Capone for his first Christmas with Santa. I put on his little Santa slippers and took him to the mall where all the little kids were in line to take pictures and stuff, only I was standing there will a little pit bull who was growling and scaring all the kids away. Then I found out that Mr. Santa is allergic to dogs, so he refused to hold Capone on his lap and insisted that I duck into the picture to make sure that he didn’t bite his head off. They also made me sign a waiver so that I would be responsible if he attacked anyone.

Apparently Capone doesn’t like Santa either, because we couldn’t even get one picture of him with his cute puppy face on. Take note of the evil scowl that’s pasted across Capone’s face every time Santa was in sight. I eventually settled for this picture because it was the only one where he wasn’t going flat-eared and bearing teeth to the fat guy in the red suit. Aside from that, while I was walking aroung the mall people kept stopping me to take pictures of my puppy (who by the way is 9 month old, making him about 6 years old in dog years, so he’s a minor).

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn black because the photographer ended up having to lighten our half of the picture so you could see Capone. But in the end I got a nice picture of me and Capone with Santa for Capone’s first Christmas.

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