More of Using PHP for Server Info

I’ll eventually get the whole thing up here, but I’ve been working on a simple server info script to help me and the other members of the system admin team keep up with the gazillion servers we have and all their different configurations. One of the reasons it’s taking so long (aside from my recent alcohol binges) is that it has to be portable to every server without the need for specific modifications, regardless of their setup. This eventually calls for using a simple if statement and empty() function to decide what info to output. Really, it’s so easy that I don’t even know why I’m posting it, but it kinda supplements this and this.

I’ll take the Ruby example I used earlier to find out what version of Ruby is installed:

$rubyver = exec("ruby -v |awk {'print $2'}"); ?>

Most of our servers don’t have Ruby installed, so I instead of getting an ugly ass error or nothing at all, I’d rather the script gracefully output its absence:

if (empty($rubyver)) {
echo "<font color='red'>Ruby is not installed on this server</font>";
} else {
echo "Ruby Version $rubyver";

This code fragment will check the output of the $rubyver variable, so if Ruby is not installed then the variable will return no value. Since the variable is then considered empty, the first echo statement is executing telling the viewer that Ruby is not installed on the server. If Ruby is installed on the server, then the second echo statement will run.

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