Someone’s Got the Internet AIDS…

I knew something was fishy when I got an IM from my ex whom I haven’t spoken to in over a year:

hey How are you???? this is ur pic rite?!

Worse enough I can’t believe I clicked on that shit.. I thought maybe it was one of those pictures from the amateur night at JB’s Gallery of Girl back in 2004 that caught up with me. But no, as soon as I clicked on it my PC (which unfortunately is the one that runs Windows XP) froze up for a good minute during which time it was sending the same message to all 158 people in my MSN friends list.

Arrrggg…anywho, the virus — which is the Backdoor.Generic3.SAT — is pretty harmless as far as your PC is concerned but you’ll probably get  kicked every time you open an MSN window. So, close your MSN and go here and here to read about how you get cure the internet STD’s you’ve probably just spread around to all your friends. It’s like the 70’s all over again only the free clinic isn’t as crowded.

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