The Big 21

Posted by Nessa | Posted in , | Posted on June 21, 2008



Well, my 21st birthday is finally here…yay! Of course, all that means to me is that I can now do everything I’ve already been doing for the last four years, only now I’d be doing it legally. So happy birthday to me, I’m getting plastered tonight.

FYI, no pics yet — the party is this Friday the 25th so I’ll have plenty then and I’ll post ‘em here.

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Happy belated birthday! I turned 22 on Sunday.

Fancy that.

Happy birthday :)

happy birthday ;)

Happy Birthday! Have a gooden!

^Or should i say, i hope you had a gooden.

Wow there! I feel like an old fart. And here you are, developing plugins for WHM and you just turned 21! When you’re 40, can you build a new rocket for me , too? <:3

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