Santa (kind of) Brings Nessa a Brother


For Christmas this year my sisters and I bought my mom a Pomeranian that she named Teddy (though my sisters and dad subsequently named him Simon, Maverick, Titus, and Leo). Side note: here’s documented evidence that my Dad does indeed like dogs:

Now ask me why it took me 17 years to beg my dad for a dog, and I still didn’t get one until I was 20 when I was already out of the house. Anyways, we in the Vasile household believe that pets are as much part of a family as people are, which is why I animately insist that my son, Capone, and my niece, Harley, are the only grandkids that my parents are getting anytime soon. Well, this concept kept in mind, the addition of Teddy means that I have a new 4-year-old half brother. I’ve always been the youngest in the family but I’ve so far completely my sisterly duty of taking my little bro to see Santa clause with his uncle Capone:

Merry Christmas!!!

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