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Posted by Nessa | Posted in , | Posted on September 6, 2008


So people at work have been nagging me to get a Twitter

account — why?  So they know everything I’m doing all the time?  Finally I just decided to go with the flow and so far it hasn’t been that bad — as soon as I joined and started “watching” my boss, I had like 6 co-workers join as watchers.  I think the idea of Twitter is great, but it kind of seems like a stalking tool.  I mean, anyone can “watch” you and know exactly what you’re doing.  Good thing they at least have a block tool to keep the creeps out, eh?

Anywho, you can see my status at any time on my side bar.  And if you’re not a creepy pervert, feel free to watch me as well =)

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@nessa421: The thing that I don’t get about twitter is that people have conversations over it … Why not just use IM?

well, i think it’s because if you want to update a lot of people on what you’re doing, it’s easier to just send a single message to twitter rather than to 20-30 people.

Glad you joined Twitter! heh, now all you need is an avatar. :)

The thing with Twitter is.. conversations are shared among friends (and more). It’s an odd concept to grasp at first, but I can’t tell you how many great people I’ve met by just reading one of my friend’s conversations and then following who they’re talking to!

What if you’re a friendly stalker? And a gay one at that? lol ;P

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