Capone is Blood-Hungry Part II

So if you read my post a little while back about my lasting suspicion that my roommates and I are giving room and board to a few unwanted furry little bastards, I can now confirm that my suspicion is correct. On Christmas eve I was doing some dishes and I noticed that Capone was staring blankly at a cabinet by the refrigerator. After Harley joined him and they both sat and stared at one for a good 10 minutes, I figured they just wanted something in the cabinet so I opened it up to see what was so appealing. I swear as soon as I did that Capone stuck his face in there and Harley pushed him aside and just dove in, pulling out something in her mouth as well as a shelf full of vases that came crashing to the floor.

It was about then that I heard this squeaking noise like what you hear in dog toys, and realized that she was carrying a big stinkin’ rat in her mouth. Though the thing had just gotten caught in a rat trap that our exterminator put in and was well alive and dangling out between Harley’s teeth, the entire kitchen started to smell like someone microwaved a dead fish wrapped inside a tortilla filled with pickles.

You can thank my sister Torie for wanting to document this experience by taking pictures:

So what do blood-hungry puppies do after catching furry intruders? Well, Capone says, “Please sir may I have another” :

Then they both pass out from a hard night’s work:

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