Fun With cPanel Mailing List

Last month cPanel hosted a webinar for cPanel 11.25 where there were reportedly over 2000 attendees from all over the world. One thing I guess they didn’t realize is that the list email address for all the attendees, webinar[at], has a reply-to that posted a reply all to anyone on the list, unmoderated. Oops.  It all started this morning when I checked my email, to find an email from the webinar mailing list to the webinar mailing list, apparently directed as a reply to someone else:

Mario,thank you, appreciate it :)
You aren’t by chance attending webhosting day in Germany, are you ?
I pre-registered, but am not 100% sure to attend yet.

This email was obviously referring to Mario Rodriguez from cPanel/r1Soft . The best things about this is that it seemed like there was an actual conversation going on, as there was a good flow of sequential events. Here was the initial response to the mysterious emails:

Why am I receving this email ??

Well, duh, you’re on a mailing list. Obviously one that is not configured properly to moderate posting. Now we’re starting to realize this:

Looks like this is a mailing list which is circulating replies!

Exact! In fact, it is a mailing list bad configured…that is sending replies to all members !!

This someone set up a bad forwarder =)

It seems cPanel listing is sending reply to all members.

Looks like a group mailing list to me =) Perhaps an oversight on cPanel’s part?

Let’s also keep in mind that most of these people are technical staff from various hosting providers. Naturally, now that we know there’s a problem we’re going to take full advantage:

Hello from Russia! :)

Hello from Brazil :¬)

A bit of spam before it gets fixed then….

Personal Spam also? You can follow me on Twitter at******** Cpanel and systems administrator for over 10 years ;)

Greetings from Greece too :))))))) Should I spam this list with an incredible offer for .eu domain registrarion for 5EUR/yr exclusively for list members? :)))))))

I took it that they wanted me to come to Germany…boss said no, though =(

Awww, where’s the fun in that?

Anyone in London Fancy meeting up for Lunch this week?

I’m not in london but I wouldn’t mind lunch. a/s/l? just kidding =)

I can’t make it to London but if anybody is in Aruba lunch is on me! (playing the odds here ;)

By now, cPanel acknowledged that there was a problem:

I am working on this right now, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Yes, sorry for the confusion and mass emails. We will have it fixed shortly.

And then you have the people who start to get a little pissed:

Please DO NOT send any more replies.

Seriously, stop sending emails to the list. It’s obvious no one knew about it and it’s obviously not correctly setup since no one opted in and there isn’t an opt out link.

It does look like it is configured to relay email to everybody if you send an email to the list. Just hold off sending emails and in a little bit somebody from cPanel will fix it. I am sure they didn’t mean to set it up so that everybody gets emails from the list. No reason to flood the inboxes of everybody else :)

Man my blackberry is going to go off every minute now with twitter spam and .eu domain spam. Bah Thanks cPanel ;)

And then the emails stopped so cPanel appears to have fixed the problem. Kind of fun while it lasted…

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