5 New Toys You May Not Know About


BlogSell is the next generation of managing blog income.  There are dozens of services out there that assist with buying and selling ads, but this one actually helps you keep track of all your banners and affiliate links, as well as various sources of blog income such as paid reviews, banners, and text links. Definitely a must-have for bloggers needing a more flexible platform for keeping track of their income sources, who want to do it all in one place.


Yola is offering something that most other web hosts and template services do not – free site hosting AND design for basic usage. The templates offered are actually very nice, but you can also purchase a series of upgrades based on what you actually need.  The price of custom design may be a bit steep for some people, but is still a lot less than hiring a freelancer.


Move aside, Sparkpeople. No one really needs you anymore. FitClick is a free online weight loss service offering free weight loss programs, diet tips, and fitness/calorie trackers, with reportedly a much better user interface than Sparkpeople.  I’m not trying to call you fat, but umm…maybe you should take a look at this site.


Party planning has never been sexier. MyPunchBowl is a free online party planner that lets you plan an event by recommending vendors, helping you to prepare lists, send out invitations, and shop for party favors and supplies. It even has a link to Facebook to help you promote your event.


This one was developed by a customer of IMH and introduced to me a couple months ago. It’s an online project management tool that goes above and beyond most other project management solutions out there, including the ability to manage employee timesheets, performance, and scheduling. This service is free for personal use, and moderately priced for business use.

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