hPage is Punishment for your Website

Working in the hosting industry for a while, the most common frustration among new users is how to get started with their shiny new hosting account.  There are dozens of reputable tools online to help you build a site…but hPage is certainly not one of them and I’ll happily share why.

I first heard about hPage from a few of my readers that were looking at an easy way to start up a website, thinking hPage was the key. I hopped over to hpage.com and signed up for a free account, which took only a few seconds.  hPage brags that you can create a 100% free website in minutes – except I noticed that it takes quite some time just to be able to log in even though your user account is created immediately. Their servers are so overloaded that in all I think it took me about 20 minutes just to pick out a template and create one page with an image and two lines of text.   At one point I got up to let the dog out, made myself a turkey sandwich, and when I came back the templates were still loading – not that I really missed anything when they finally did.  Their templates are disappointing to say the least.  We’re still in the web 2.0 era and these templates looked like they were designed in Microsoft Word back in 1982 – hardly “professional” as the site claims.

Still, keeping an open mind, I continued poking around and found the “bells and whistles” they claimed to offer – guestbooks, forums, image galleries, etc. Not very impressive, but still decent for a free site builder – no major complaints there. They do have a couple neat features like right-click disabling and magic dust (mouse tracer), and some other features that are very web 1.0-ish like snowflakes and visitor counters.  Nothing like a visitor counter to show just how unpopular your ugly hPage website is going to be…

Probably the most irritating thing of all is that they plaster your “free” website with ads, and you have to pay $40-$80 to remove them.  I realize that many free services are ad-supported, but it’s simply a waste of money for what you get.  With hPage you don’t even get your own domain – you get a subdomain of hpage.com you.hpage.com) or one of their many similar subdomains.  Not to sound like a spokesperson for my employer, but for just a few bucks more you can get reliable budget hosting at Web Hosting Hub to include a free domain and web builder – a web builder much better than the junk you get out of hPage.

So if you’re looking to start up a website, don’t waste your time with hPage. And if you’re one of my readers, you got what you asked for – an unbiased review on how much they suck.

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