Women Now Need Special Books for Learning IT Things

I must have missed the memo on this, but us gals apparently now have special books and training courses targeted at our fragile lady brains.  I’m so glad these gentlemen took the time our of their busy lives to dumb down the industry for us women in favor of promoting more diversity and gender acceptance in the IT field:




And those looking for a penis-free learning environment, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend an all-female training course being offered for free by Rackspace:


These gave me some excellent ideas for birthday gifts for some of my beloved male colleagues, but I guess they don’t make targeted versions of these books for men. Thank God, because that would be kinda sexist.

Inspirations for my future titles:

  • Puppet for People with Penises
  • Ansible for Assholes
  • Misogyny with MySQL
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