Sad Satan: An Obscure Deep Web Story

Once upon a time, people realized that the Internet is really not a safe place to conduct illicit activities without those pesky law enforcement agents getting on their asses. Haven’t you even wondered how people with indecorous tastes run their businesses online in secrecy? Of course you have. And whether or not you know what the phrase “dark web” means, I have a cute little story for you if you’re bored.

If you for realsies do not know what the dark web is, once you do it will open your eyes to a world of mystery, much like it did to everyone else that learned about it decades ago (feel out of the loop yet?). Basically, the dark web is a subset of what’s known as the deep web. The deep web is anything that you wouldn’t typically find openly on the Internet or through a search engine. The dark web is where all the good shit is, and you need special software to access it since most of what’s there is really naughty or really illegal.

So, on to the story. Back around June 2015, a user under the name Obscure Horror Corner posted a video of himself on both YouTube and Reddit playing a PC game called Sad Satan, claiming he downloaded the game from the dark web a couple months earlier. The gameplay consists of the player running down maze-like monochromatic corridors while looping audio samples play in the background and images depicting torture and other forms of gore pop up on the screen during certain points. There are no other characters in the game other than creepy little children that just stand around, except for the very last one that causes contact damage to the defenseless player and ends the game.

Do we want to call it the most terrifying game on the Internet? Not just yet, but there is a valid mystery behind it that I’ll get to in a second.

I still don’t really understand the point or objective of Sad Satan or why it exists, if not just to get people all hyped up about some game that would never be popular on its own merit. Anyway, OHC posted his YouTube links on someone’s subreddit, and that someone wrote an article on it which quickly prompted some discussion on a newly-created /r/sadsatan subreddit where OHC claimed there was no gore or child porn in the original game (a concern that comes naturally when you consider anything that comes from the dark web), and provided a link where it could be downloaded. Not only was the link dead, but it also could have never existed to begin with. See, the the dark web uses .onion domains consisting of base32 characters, and the link he provided had a “9” in it, which is not a valid base32 character. When questioned about the link, OHC changed his story and said that he intentionally provided a bad URL because the game in fact did contain gore and CP, and he didn’t want anyone else downloading it (talk about being selfish). While the version you see him playing does not have CP in it, you do see some NSFW images that probably wouldn’t make your stomach turn if you’ve ever seen any really bad B-grade horror movie in your life. So don’t get all excited.

Around the same time, a user going by the name -ZK posted in 4chan’s /x/ board claiming to be the source of the game, saying that the one OHC was shown playing was not the “real” Sad Satan – then proceeded to provide a link to download what he claimed was the original. Of course, people downloaded it to find the game did have gore and CP in it. Not only that, but executing the game resulted in some bizarre behavior on the user’s PC – random crashes, failure to boot, and other oddities that you could pretty much expect from downloading some random file on the Internet that was posted in a 4chan forum. At present, it doesn’t seem that anyone knows where to get the original version as all current downloadable copies available appear to be clones, and the one currently linked in the subreddit is one that was cleaned up to have the graphic and dangerous material removed so curious users can explore the game safely. If you happen to find the original, the moderators stress that you should not post it, because doing so would be illegal and they’ll report your ass for it.

So where did this game actually come from? Well, in today’s society where everyone is a member of the Internet Detective Agency, people started looking into the origins of the game and concluded that the creator was none other than: Obscure Horror Corner. Though he’s never admitted it and the evidence against him is mediocre at best, no one else has ever been considered as the author and the Reddit community seems satisfied that it was him and the whole dark web story was just a huge lie. It was speculated that he intended to use the controversy surrounding the game to drive more subscribers to his YouTube channel, an effort that I’m sure was successful. You know, for someone that puts child porn in a futile game and tricks people into downloading it.

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