About Me

Hmmm let’s see. The about page is always the hardest because really, people don’t come to your site to hear you ramble about yourself. But on the other hand, this is on a separate page so you must have come here to read about me.

My name is Vanessa Vasile, and I’m 23 25 years old.  I currently work for InMotion Hosting as a Sr. system administrator. I have two sisters, both of whom live in Germany. My mom is a retired art teacher of 30 years, and my dad is an IT manager. I married my husband Rich on June 17th, 2011.  Rich has a daughter from his previous marriage. I gave birth to our first son Hunter on Feb 11, 2012 (3 months early), and he unfortunately passed away almost five months later due to heart and lung problems caused by prematurity from congenital CMV. You can read Hunter’s story here.  We also have a gorgeous and energetic pit bull named Capone who is almost 6 years old now and still thinks he’s a 20lb puppy.


About the site

My first website started in early 2006 as part of a project for one of my programming classes, and was my first attempt at an html/php/javascript content management system. After the class ended I decided to keep the domain for personal use. I eventually discontinued that site and and switched over to WordPress. I can’t really put my blog into a niche because I basically talk about anything I want, but lately I’ve been pushing more towards a blog focused solely on development, programming, and Linux administration.  I may occasionally throw in some personal stuff here and there.

My Technical Knowledge

I hold several certifications, including A+, Linux+, Network+, iNet, Security+, ETA FOT (Fiber-Optics), and a couple MCSE for both Windows 2000 and Server 2003. Aside from that, I’m fluent in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and Bash, with a growing respect for Python. Over the last few years I’ve become a master with Linux and cPanel and regularly contribute to thecpaneladmin.com. I currently attend graduated from ECPI College of Technology in 2009 with a degree in Information Security.

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