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My name is Vanessa Vasile, am 28 years old, with over 13 years in the IT industry.  I currently work for InMotion Hosting as a the lead systems architect.  I get the IT genes from my daddy.  Also this picture on the left is really old and I’m too lazy to replace it. I also haven’t aged well over the years.

I married my husband Rich on June 17th, 2011. He has a 12 year old daughter from his first marriage.  I gave birth to our first son Hunter Alan on Feb 11, 2012, who unfortunately passed away five months later due to heart and lung problems caused by prematurity from congenital CMV. You can read Hunter’s story here.  We also have a gorgeous and energetic pit bull named Capone who is almost 8 years old now and still thinks he’s a 20lb puppy.


The concept of women in IT is still a little over peoples heads even in this day and age, so I’ll be quick and concise:


I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science/Information Security from ECPI University, 2009.


  • A+ (2005)
  • Network+ (2006)
  • ETA FOT (2007)
  • Linux+ (2008)
  • CCNA (2009)
  • Mirantis OpenStack (2015)


  • Linux
  • cPanel (see my other site, thecpaneladmin.com)
  • Programming languages: PHP, BASH, Python (and minors, such as HTML, JavaScript,etc)
  • Puppet
  • Sandwich making
  • Lots more, but again, too lazy to list
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