Scripts and Tutorials

These are all scripts that I’ve written over time, some of which were specially written for customers or friends. Feel free to download them and use as you wish, but please leave the credits in place. If you are using my scripts and find them useful, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Please note that these scripts are not officially supported, but if you need help or have questions you can contact me or post a comment. I may eventually get some forums set up, but that’s a long way away.

PHP RBL Checker Script

Simple script for checking a single IP or list of IPs against an RBL

PHP DNS Lookup Script

Accepts hostname and DNS type variables from a form and performs DNS lookups

WebHost Manager apfAdd

Plugin for WHM to add IPs to APF (firewall)

WebHost Manager XML API Scripts

Scripts for changing account packages and passwords from command line, as well as a tutorial for how to use other XML API functions from command line.

cPanel Automated Backup Script

Automates an actual cPanel backup via Cron job

PHP/MySQL Tag Cloud

Short tutorial and code to create a PHP/MySQL tag cloud

B2evolution SMTP Patch

Simple patch that allows b2evolution to send mail using SMTP based on the phpMailer class. Good for servers that block ‘nobody’ mail.

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