v-nessa.net is de-Googled

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I thought something was up when for the last month my traffic rate went from 300,000 in May to only 24,000 in June, even moreso when I found out my pagerank dropped from a 6 to a 4. I was de-Googled! Apparently a month or so ago a spam comment slipped past Akismet and got posted to my blog, and that meant that my site no longer meets the “quality” guidelines for Google. I found the post and removed it, but upon filling out their reconsideration form it appears that it takes 4-6 weeks to be reviewed and added back. Man, that sucks….

Anywho, I’d hate to do this mainly because I’m lazy, but I’ve set WordPress to send new comments to moderation again so I have to manually approve them. What I’m confused about is that if my site doesn’t meet quality guidelines for Google, where does this guy fit in?

Google Wants to Be the Next God of the Universe

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I thought this was too shocking to be true but the other system admins confirmed it – Google officially wants to be the next god of the universe. The datacenter that houses over a hundred of our servers also caters to some of Google’s servers, and apparently Google also owns part of the building or something like that. They decided that they don’t have enough power for their servers, so they are actually demanding that the entire datacenter be stripped of all power for about two hours while they install more power lines. No, not more power for the datacenter – but just for their little cage. So basically, all hundred or so of our servers housing thousands of sites (as well as the other hundreds of servers belonging to other occupants of the datacenter) are going to be powered down for two hours so Google can expand their empire and eventually take over the world. I hope Google is happy with the fact that we’re all going to lose customers and reputation over this, so happy that they all get gonorrhea and die.

Also, mozzy on over here and take a look at the mildly humorous pictures.