Spike TV’s “World’s Worst Tenants”, Absolutely Fake

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I’m not a huge reality TV fan, but a few days ago I stumbled across a show called “World’s Worst Tenants” on Spike TV, and admittedly I got a little hooked.  The show focuses on a trio of “eviction specialists” that investigate disputes between tenants and their landlords, often ending in some sort of bizarre situation that, in essence, seems utterly ridiculous and only borderline realistic (even though they are in fact stated to be re-enactments of events that supposedly happened).

What really caught my attention is the season 2 episode “Motel California“.  My husband happened to be watching this episode with me and as the last segment progressed he almost immediately noticed that something was amiss.

The house in the episode is the same one that appeared as the setting of The Amityville Haunting, a 2011 low-budget horror film on Netflix that wasted almost two hours of my life last month.  Since the movie sucked so much and it’s unlikely that anyone lasted past the first ten agonizing minutes, I guess the show’s producers didn’t think that filming there would be a dead giveaway.  And yes, I’m the loser that sat there taking still shots of the TV with my camera phone to deliver undeniable proof that this show is completely fake.  It’s understandable that the crew would rent a house to perform their re-enactment, but they also clearly stole the back-story from the movie as well.

Let’s start with the front of the house.  Here is the shot that was shown as the three are walking up to the house, discussing the reason why they were there: the tenant wasn’t paying her rent and the show’s specialists – Todd, Randye, and Rick – were sent to give her notice to pay up.

Now, here is a similar image from the movie, taking place near the beginning when the Benson family is touring their future home that, unbeknownst to them, is haunted by the late DeFeo family (even though it’s not the same glaring house from the other 10 Amityville movies). Aside from the identical architectural features, such as the steps, windows, door, and bushes, you’ll notice the same lion statues and cement sculptures decorating the porch area:


A few minutes later, the lady is explaining to Todd and Randye the reason she hasn’t been paying rent – her house is apparently haunted, and she spent her rent money hiring paranormal investigators to look into what she believes is the ghost from a murder that occurred in the house in 2010 (apparently the landlord never disclosed this information, she instead found a death certificate on the Internet). She hears sounds at night, feels a strange vibe when walking around the house, and her lights keep flickering. Ooooooo, scary. And original. Definitely not the premise of the movie that happened to be filmed in the same house.



If you look behind Randye you’ll see the same door from the film that was repeatedly opening itself at night, next to the same fireplace, dresser chest, and white sofa seen in the movie.  When Todd moves out of the way you can also see the two lamps,  but I didn’t care to get a still shot of that one.



Now we’re walking through a dining room area while Todd yaps about how his dad was a mortician who didn’t believe in ghosts.  Behind them you can see a large paned window with a swan sitting on it:



This is where the likeness becomes all too visible.  It looks like whatever studio owns the house didn’t even bother to redecorate between filmings:



You may have also noticed the ugly wallpaper behind Todd.  Look familiar?



While loony lady is going on about the murder, we’re lead to a study-type area with a large bookcase, a ladder in front of said bookcase, and a few couches.



Several scenes in the movie display the same room with the exact same bookcase, chaise, and ladder (plus a really dead guy who didn’t grace the TV show):



Unfortunately the kitchen and bedrooms were not shown in the episode, but it’s pretty obvious this is the same house.

In care you’re wondering, it turns out the lady’s house was actually not haunted.  No – I guess that claiming it was would have blown the whistle on the fakeness all too soon.  Apparently Rick discovered the house had some foundation damage that was messing with the structure stability and electrical wiring, explaining all the paranormal phenomenon that loony lady was experiencing.

In conclusion, the entire episode was staged.  It’s not like they claim the stories on the show are 100% real, but some are just obviously fabricated in their entirety.  All in all, the show is still pretty funny, but definitely not as enjoyable now that I know the truth.

Fun With cPanel Mailing List

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Last month cPanel hosted a webinar for cPanel 11.25 where there were reportedly over 2000 attendees from all over the world. One thing I guess they didn’t realize is that the list email address for all the attendees, webinar[at]cpanel.net, has a reply-to that posted a reply all to anyone on the list, unmoderated. Oops.  It all started this morning when I checked my email, to find an email from the webinar mailing list to the webinar mailing list, apparently directed as a reply to someone else:

Mario,thank you, appreciate it :)
You aren’t by chance attending webhosting day in Germany, are you ?
I pre-registered, but am not 100% sure to attend yet.

This email was obviously referring to Mario Rodriguez from cPanel/r1Soft . The best things about this is that it seemed like there was an actual conversation going on, as there was a good flow of sequential events. Here was the initial response to the mysterious emails:

Why am I receving this email ??

Well, duh, you’re on a mailing list. Obviously one that is not configured properly to moderate posting. Now we’re starting to realize this:

Looks like this is a mailing list which is circulating replies!

Exact! In fact, it is a mailing list bad configured…that is sending replies to all members !!

This someone set up a bad forwarder =)

It seems cPanel listing is sending reply to all members.

Looks like a group mailing list to me =) Perhaps an oversight on cPanel’s part?

Let’s also keep in mind that most of these people are technical staff from various hosting providers. Naturally, now that we know there’s a problem we’re going to take full advantage:

Hello from Russia! :)

Hello from Brazil :¬)

A bit of spam before it gets fixed then….http://amplicate.com/rocks/cpanel

Personal Spam also? You can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/******** Cpanel and systems administrator for over 10 years ;)

Greetings from Greece too :))))))) Should I spam this list with an incredible offer for .eu domain registrarion for 5EUR/yr exclusively for list members? :)))))))

I took it that they wanted me to come to Germany…boss said no, though =(

Awww, where’s the fun in that?

Anyone in London Fancy meeting up for Lunch this week?

I’m not in london but I wouldn’t mind lunch. a/s/l? just kidding =)

I can’t make it to London but if anybody is in Aruba lunch is on me! (playing the odds here ;)

By now, cPanel acknowledged that there was a problem:

I am working on this right now, my apologies for the inconvenience.

Yes, sorry for the confusion and mass emails. We will have it fixed shortly.

And then you have the people who start to get a little pissed:

Please DO NOT send any more replies.

Seriously, stop sending emails to the list. It’s obvious no one knew about it and it’s obviously not correctly setup since no one opted in and there isn’t an opt out link.

It does look like it is configured to relay email to everybody if you send an email to the list. Just hold off sending emails and in a little bit somebody from cPanel will fix it. I am sure they didn’t mean to set it up so that everybody gets emails from the list. No reason to flood the inboxes of everybody else :)

Man my blackberry is going to go off every minute now with twitter spam and .eu domain spam. Bah Thanks cPanel ;)

And then the emails stopped so cPanel appears to have fixed the problem. Kind of fun while it lasted…

Capone is Blood-Hungry Part II

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So if you read my post a little while back about my lasting suspicion that my roommates and I are giving room and board to a few unwanted furry little bastards, I can now confirm that my suspicion is correct. On Christmas eve I was doing some dishes and I noticed that Capone was staring blankly at a cabinet by the refrigerator. After Harley joined him and they both sat and stared at one for a good 10 minutes, I figured they just wanted something in the cabinet so I opened it up to see what was so appealing. I swear as soon as I did that Capone stuck his face in there and Harley pushed him aside and just dove in, pulling out something in her mouth as well as a shelf full of vases that came crashing to the floor.

It was about then that I heard this squeaking noise like what you hear in dog toys, and realized that she was carrying a big stinkin’ rat in her mouth. Though the thing had just gotten caught in a rat trap that our exterminator put in and was well alive and dangling out between Harley’s teeth, the entire kitchen started to smell like someone microwaved a dead fish wrapped inside a tortilla filled with pickles.

You can thank my sister Torie for wanting to document this experience by taking pictures:

So what do blood-hungry puppies do after catching furry intruders? Well, Capone says, “Please sir may I have another” :

Then they both pass out from a hard night’s work:

Capone Goes to See Santa

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A lot of my friends have kids, so this year when they all wanted to go to Lynnhaven Mall to get their kids some pictures with Santa I felt a little left out. I really have no desire to ever have kids, nevertheless to take them to see some creepy old man who likes to have little kids sitting on his lap all the time. But since we were going anyways and I decided to take Capone for his first Christmas with Santa. I put on his little Santa slippers and took him to the mall where all the little kids were in line to take pictures and stuff, only I was standing there will a little pit bull who was growling and scaring all the kids away. Then I found out that Mr. Santa is allergic to dogs, so he refused to hold Capone on his lap and insisted that I duck into the picture to make sure that he didn’t bite his head off. They also made me sign a waiver so that I would be responsible if he attacked anyone.

Apparently Capone doesn’t like Santa either, because we couldn’t even get one picture of him with his cute puppy face on. Take note of the evil scowl that’s pasted across Capone’s face every time Santa was in sight. I eventually settled for this picture because it was the only one where he wasn’t going flat-eared and bearing teeth to the fat guy in the red suit. Aside from that, while I was walking aroung the mall people kept stopping me to take pictures of my puppy (who by the way is 9 month old, making him about 6 years old in dog years, so he’s a minor).

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn black because the photographer ended up having to lighten our half of the picture so you could see Capone. But in the end I got a nice picture of me and Capone with Santa for Capone’s first Christmas.

How to Upgrade to a Non-Existent MySQL Version

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Working in webhosting for a while now I’ve had some people ask for really weird shit, and I’ve dealt with a lot of people who try to sound a lot smarter than they actually are (I’m one of them). The latest of the bunch is a guy who asked for MySQL 7.0 claiming that he’s a MySQL programmer and that he specially programmed his database to work with MySQL 7.0. He really didn’t take it to heart very well when I told him that there is no MySQL 7.0 and the most he can hope for is 6.0x alpha (FYI for future readers a year from now, read the damn date on this post). Besides the point, the guy apparently felt like I was talking down to him so he went out of his way to mention that because he has a bachelors degree in computer science and that he’s an avid Microsoft Word user, he definately knows more than I do when it comes to doing my job. So, I gave in and agreed to upgrade him to MySQL 7.0.

The trick of the trade here is that you can essentially install any version of MySQL that you want to, whether it exists or not! It’s a long-standing suck point in cPanel that the MySQL version in user cPanels are read from a static file within the datastore directory:


Within that file is the output of the ‘/usr/sbin/mysqld –version‘ command, which cPanel reads and outputs to each user’s cPanel. You can easily edit this file in one user’s account to make it read whatever MySQL version you want:

Needless to say, after I ‘upgraded’ his version to 7.0, he claims his scripts started working!

Domain Names that Make you Giggle

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It’s been almost a year since I stumbled upon this article that outlines the top 10 URL flops on the internet.  If you haven’t been there, check it out dammit.