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All of us Facebook and Twitter buffs are fond of URL shorteners.  When you’re working with character limitations or on mobile devices they make sharing links a lot easier than typing in long URLs. I came across a semi-new URL shortener and thought I’d share it with my readers. The website is similar to other URL crunchers out there but offers a nice suite of interesting features:

  • URL shortening (of course)
  • No ads
  • Ability to choose a custom shortened URL
  • Quick “share” links for Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed
  • Ability to track visitors
  • URL shortener chrome plugin
  • Extensions for Opera

In the future, the developers of will be offering more advanced hit statistics as well.  The added support for QR codes is also an excellent feature that which enhances support for mobile devices. For example, instead of having to type in a link, the user can simply scan the QR with their smart phone and go to the website without having to enter the URL.  Being able to track visitors is also a handy feature if you’re trying to see how popular your links are when you don’t have the patience to deal with things like Google Analytics.

Not to mention how easy it is to remember something like “”.


5 New Toys You May Not Know About

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BlogSell is the next generation of managing blog income.  There are dozens of services out there that assist with buying and selling ads, but this one actually helps you keep track of all your banners and affiliate links, as well as various sources of blog income such as paid reviews, banners, and text links. Definitely a must-have for bloggers needing a more flexible platform for keeping track of their income sources, who want to do it all in one place.


Yola is offering something that most other web hosts and template services do not – free site hosting AND design for basic usage. The templates offered are actually very nice, but you can also purchase a series of upgrades based on what you actually need.  The price of custom design may be a bit steep for some people, but is still a lot less than hiring a freelancer.


Move aside, Sparkpeople. No one really needs you anymore. FitClick is a free online weight loss service offering free weight loss programs, diet tips, and fitness/calorie trackers, with reportedly a much better user interface than Sparkpeople.  I’m not trying to call you fat, but umm…maybe you should take a look at this site.


Party planning has never been sexier. MyPunchBowl is a free online party planner that lets you plan an event by recommending vendors, helping you to prepare lists, send out invitations, and shop for party favors and supplies. It even has a link to Facebook to help you promote your event.


This one was developed by a customer of IMH and introduced to me a couple months ago. It’s an online project management tool that goes above and beyond most other project management solutions out there, including the ability to manage employee timesheets, performance, and scheduling. This service is free for personal use, and moderately priced for business use. Will Scrape Your Data

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I was looking around for some web data scraping software and came across, which is a [paid] Web Scraper and web data mining software that parses web data in a variety of formats, like CSV, RSS, and XML.  I signed up for the trial and the software really did do what it claimed to, and was really easy to use.  The guy that heads the service offers a cool demo here:

Only real downside is the pricing…most code gurus can probably come up with a more basic yet less costly way of doing the same thing.  Pricing starts at $49.95/mo and goes up to $1995/mo, but also has an option to pay as you go.  For  a business this would probably be petty cash and worth the expense, but for the average blogger like me, it’s a little out of the price range.  However, I probably could never code an application or service as feature-rich as the product that Mozenda provides which is why I was considering them.

For those of you wondering WTF I’m talking about, data mining is simply the process of collecting and organizing data, in my case, from other websites.  When you have a handful of 100+ sites, it’s more efficient to have a bot do it for you, kind of like what search engines use to index millions of sites on the Internet.

All Up in My Twitter…

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So people at work have been nagging me to get a Twitter

account — why?  So they know everything I’m doing all the time?  Finally I just decided to go with the flow and so far it hasn’t been that bad — as soon as I joined and started “watching” my boss, I had like 6 co-workers join as watchers.  I think the idea of Twitter is great, but it kind of seems like a stalking tool.  I mean, anyone can “watch” you and know exactly what you’re doing.  Good thing they at least have a block tool to keep the creeps out, eh?

Anywho, you can see my status at any time on my side bar.  And if you’re not a creepy pervert, feel free to watch me as well =)

Nomao is Probably the Sexiest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

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I came across today and I must say that it’s probably the best non-social networking site I’ve see so far. It’s basically a website where you sign up and add your favorite hot spots and important locations so your friends can look at your profile and get directions to wherever. It’s kind of like a social map, and it lets you add pictures and video to your locations, schedule events, and recommend your spots to friends. It also has a nice export feature for you to post your map to various blogging platforms.

Anywho, sign up for an account and add me to your friends list so I can stalk check out where everyone’s going. I have no idea how long this site has been around and why it took so long for me to find it, but it’s my new toy for the next month.

The Return of Stylish Web Design

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Not everyone has the talent or patience required to design a good site. I’ve been referring people to template services for years, but I recently came across this site that caught my eye. What sucks about most design services is that their sites are not caught up enough with the modern Web 2.0 style, but Stylish Web Design (Or is it Stilysh?) is by far one of the better web design companies I’ve seen in a long time. Their services include customized programming, logo design, SEO, and continues website maintenance. Not to mention the sexy design of their site, but their portfolio is pretty impressive as well.

So if you’re getting frustrated with your site hop on over to Stylish Web Design and get a free job quote.

Click here for Custom design

Design directory

Switching from Windows to Ubuntu

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I was doing some checking and I found a few websites that have really good tutorials on how to switch from Windows to Ubuntu:

One thing I should mention from personal experience is that the Migration Assistance really sucks sometimes. When I first installed Ubuntu it was quick and painless, but upon a re-install on a dual boot machine the installer would infinitely stick on the account migration. If this happens to you, you’ll need to reboot from the CD, log into the terminal, then run the installer without the Migration Assistant:

user@localhost:~$ ubiquity –migration-assistant

Top 8 Hottest Manbloggers

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I got this idea from a comment I wrote about Aaron Brazell in my last post that he responded to, and I figured I it wouldn’t hurt to turn my own blog into a meat market. I know they’re tempting to look at, but who said that hot guys can’t write blogs?

Top 8 sexilicious bloggers (in no particular order), as well as their locations so you can stalk them:

Justin Durban from – Burbank, CA

Shelby DeNike from – Los Angelos, CA

Ronald from – Somewhere in the Netherlands, but usually in my bedroom

Aaron Brazell from – Baltimore, MD

Chris Shiflett from – Brooklyn, NY

Christian Mohn from – Bergen, Norway

Michale Sica from – Orlando, FL

Luke Welling from – Washington, D.C.

If you’re a sexy blogger and you’re wondering why you’re not on this list, it’s probably because 1) I’ve never seen your site, 2) you don’t have a picture up, or 3) you’re not attractive. Of course you can always email me, since I’ll probably need some convincing.
Update: Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks the OmniTI guys are hot as hell…


Sexy Sites of the Week – 8/3

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I probably shouldn’t list a site that everyone already knows about, but if this blog was a toilet seat, it would be getting a lot of @$$. Not to mention the author doesn’t look too bad either.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the panopticist, but he’s still the most well-known for his magazine covers and his overwhelming sense of “cultural surveillance” that kind of makes me wonder if he spends his Friday nights in the company of channel 961 with a roll of paper towels and some Crisco.

This site is more of a tutorial-based approach for new and experienced webmasters, so I thought it would be good to list here. What? Were you expecting some kind of witty but slightly sexual comment? From me? Nooooooo

Honestly, most of this site is completely not interesting by any means, but they do have a kick- ass list of web 2.0 resources that most webmasters would find sexilicious.