Review of ReclaiMe Data Recovery Software

Posted by Nessa | Posted in uncategorized | Posted on 05-08-2010


We all know how much it sucks to have a hard drive fail – months or even years worth of data down the drain. And I bet you don’t do regular backups, do you?

I came across ReclaiME from a review site. It’s software (that unfortunately only works on Windows) that you can install on your computer to reliably recover data from hard drives or memory cards.  More specifically, it lets you:

  • Recover images from a memory card
  • Recover data from flash/USB drives
  • Recover data from laptop, external, and SCSI/IDE drives
  • Unformat non-system drives and partitions

I actually ReclaiME on one of my sister’s old camera memory cards, and it definitely doesn’t fall short of its claims.   It recovered over 40 images from the almost-empty card, most of which were intact, though a few were corrupted from the camera overwriting them.

While the software is excellent and works just like it promises, the only downside is that the price is a bit steep for the average user.  I’d imagine that software like this would be more tangible for service providers, businesses, or people that consider their data valuable enough to justify spending a pretty penny on data recovery software.  The price isn’t outrageous or anything, it’s just more than I’d pay for Windows-based recovery software (I prefer to use Linux), when there are other free/open-source alternatives out there: